• The Team

  • Sam

    At the age of 14 I started my journey into the barbering world and from 
    there I never looked back! Although admittedly a lot has changed since my 
    days of sweeping hair and makin tea.

    After being fired as the world's worst Saturday boy I then began my 
    training with Mankind Barbershop, to become the world's best barber!

    Once my training was completed, I worked harder than ever before to 
    learn new techniques and to become the best I could be and surely enough 
    after a few years I had worked myself up a superb clientele and into a 
    management position in the Crawley branch.

    Another year passed I then decided to take my skills to the next level 
    and take over at Crawley Down to work on training my two protiges, Harry 
    and Dan; I also had Alexis with me whom I'd also helped train, all in 
    all a fantastic team!

    So with years experience and training, I'd be confident catering to any 
    stylist needs.


    The legend - Sam Bolton

  • Harry

    My first experience in the barbering industry began with Sam cutting my hair and having the discussion about how to make my way into the industry. I then began my training in the Crawley branch and once trained I followed Sam, to be a part of the new Crawley Down team. Now I'm busy building the fantastic reputation of the shop and welcoming new clients.

    Hopefully see you in the shop soon!

    Harry :)

  • Dan

    Barbering and male grooming has always been a passion of mine and 
    started as a hobby, cutting family and friend's hair. I decided to make 
    my passion into a career and have never looked back. It's the best 
    decision I've ever made. I love interacting with clients and making them 
    feel great about themselves.

    After training with the company and moving to the new Crawley Down team 
    I'm currently excelling in my standards and building a warm, welcoming 
    enviroment for my new clientele.

    Hope to see you soon